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DVS sciences offers instrumentation, reagents and data analysis tools for mass cytometry.

CyTOF® 2 Mass Cytometer

State-of-the-art time-of-flight atomic mass cytometer that analyzes cells labeled with stable heavy metal isotopes.

MaxPar® Metal Conjugated Antibodies

Antibodies conjugated to metals for functional and phenotypic profiling of your cell samples.

MaxPar® Panel Kits

Kits that provide all of the necessary reagents for comprehensive profiling of human and mouse systems in a single tube.

MaxPar® Labeling Reagents

Metallointercalators and kits for conjugating metals to antibodies.

Cell-IDTM Cell Labeling Reagents

Metallic Intercalators and Cisplatin for cellular staining

MaxPar® Sample Prep Buffers

Buffers for optimal mass cytometry protocols.